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There have been claims that Halloween has become the largest spending
Holiday.. **See below for more information**

Indoor Halloween Home Accents

Here at Halloween Stuff we offer quality Halloween home decor and decorations. Our selection of unique Halloween decorations and decor will make you want to come back for more! A variety of cool Halloween decorations make it more fun at parties and of course the spookier the better. Plenty of ideas for that fun scare on the Halloween Trick or Treaters. Make outdoors as spooky as indoors. Loads more fun to be in the "spirit" of it all!

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Willow Tree Halloween Pillow

Item Name: Halloween Pillow
Item Number: KKB2643
Price: $18.95
Willow Tree Halloween Pillow This cute country Halloween pillow will just add that bit of character to your living or family room with just a touch of Halloween influence. The pillow measures 11"X11".

Set of 3 Large Candy Corn

Item Name: Candy Corn
Item Number: KKB2466
Price: $28.95
Set of Large Candy Corn. Accent your table with this large set of candy corn. You really know it is autumn when the candy corn comes out!

Set of 3 Black/White Candy Sticks

Item Name: Resin Candy Sticks
Item Number: B8336
Price: $7.95
Black and White Resin Candy Sticks. These may look real to the eye, but they are actually faux candy sticks. Use them in containers to accent.
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Halloween Decorations - Ghost Figurines. See more Halloween Home Decorations!

Let's face it, when it comes right down to it Halloween is just plain fun for all ages. Adults love to dress up as much as they did when they were a child. Halloween is becoming more popular in other countries also. Even though it is very popular in the US it hasn't made the biggest spending holiday as of yet, as it has been claimed. In fact, Snopes verified this in 2006, but there are still claims that Halloween is 2nd to Christmas as far as spending goes.

So how does Halloween rank amongst the other holidays? Here is the list according to ranking. (data released by CNBC)

1. Christmas - Yep, it is hard to beat Christmas as it is 59.9% of the share for holiday spending. Guess Santa loves to give! Not only is there a lot of spending on gifts, but all the decorations and decor really add up.

2. Thanksgiving - That turkey dinner feast has spending at 13.4% of the holiday spending share.

3. Valentine's Day - Roses and chocolates add up to 7.7% of the holiday spending.

4. Mother's Day - We show our Mothers we love them and make this holiday spending share at 6.5%.

5. Easter - Very close to Mother's Day at 6.1% of the holiday spending.

6. Father's Day - This holiday is at 4.5% of the spending, really showing we love our Mother's more!

And finally at number 7 is Halloween with the US spending a bit less and the share of only 2.6%. Halloween does have a bit more to go to rank a bit higher, let's hope candy doesn't cost that much in the future!

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