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Halloween Stuff is the Ultimate Site for everything Halloween!

Whether you have come to find your perfect costume for Halloween or just come to get those great Halloween recipes for popcorn balls you remember as a child, you will find it here.

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Halloween Stuff has a variety of spooky decorations for the home or office. Everything you will need for that fun filled evening of frolic and fun. Maybe a couple of Halloween gifts is what you are looking for. Halloween Stuff has a good choice of collectible figurines.

We have everything for Halloween that we can think of. If there is something that would make a good addition to our online store please contact us!

We are now offering a bigger selection of Halloween products for your home. We have also updated and have many unique hard to find quality Halloween home decor and decorations!

A Bit Of Halloween History

All Hallows Eve or Halloween a celebration on the 31st of October is the Christian festival of All Saints Day instituted as a holiday in the year A.D. 609, which customs and superstitions started ages ago. However the origins of Halloween started much more sinister in the Autumn festivals of early times.

The ancient times had several civilizations with celebrations that lasted over a few days. The Druids Autumn celebration was 3 days of festivities and frolic. It was believed on the last night of October the spirits of the deceased haunted and walked the Earth. The celebration consisted of lighting bonfires to drive and kept them away. In Rome the festival of Pomona, (goddess of gardens and fruits), occurred about the Fall or Harvest time of the year. Of course, the festival was to celebrate the harvest. Nuts and apples were symbols were roasted before a huge bonfire and the winter store of fruit was done. These harvest agricultural celebrations had a sinister aspect to them, ghosts, goblins, and witches were thought to be on the prowl.

Many people clung to the paganistic and druid  beliefs and customs they had grown up with about Halloween, even after November 1st became a Christian feast day honoring all saints. Some did rituals of jumping over burning candles and tried to tell fortunes and the future. Great bonfires blazed in the British Isles for the Celtic festival of Samhain. Young people laughing and having fun disguised with grotesque masks carried carved lanterns from turnips frolicking through the villages.

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